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We have had our guests tell us that they choose their time away from the cottages
 based in part on the schedule of the sun!   Here's why !

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 ' The Last Cast ' 

Taken from the beach of "The Pines" (August 1999).  Barry in the rowboat , 
after returning from a pleasant evening of bass fishing on the Lake.



' On the Horizon - A Lake Champlain Sunset ' 

 An every day occurrence from June through October 
( when the sky is clear and wind is down).



' A Silhouette on the Dock

A  pose for the camera with the sunset in the background. 



 'The Maple and the Sun '

The sunset as viewed through the crotch of one of the
Norwegian Maple Trees in front of "The Pines". 



 ' Follow the Yellow Brick Road'

A golden pathway on the lake! 


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