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Game fishing is a significant attraction on the northern portion of  Lake Champlain.    It's quite common to catch large and small
 mouth bass right of the end of our dock- as well a white and yellow perch and other smaller species   Just  a few weeks ago
 (June 2008) we had a guest catch a 5 lb largemouth while fishing from the dock.  

If you want an exceptional fishing experience for the kids (and you!) ,  you might want to consider a chartered fishing trip.  Based
on the experience of our guests, we highly recommend Captain Gibert Gagner.  Gaptin Gil is located just a few miles to the north
of the cottages, and spends many, many hours as a guide on our bay.  There is no question, he knows where the fish are! You can
learn more about Captian Gil and other chartered fishing outings at This Link


Fishing Photos

The Mississquoi bay and surrounding
Lake Champlain waters provide 
excellent fishing. 

The photo sequence below is from an afternoon of fishing
near the cottages in September 1999.

Lake Champlain provides some of the 
best fishing in the Northeast. On 
this September afternoon, Barry hooks 
a fish using minnows for bait.


The bass was hooked less than 1 mile from the cottages.


Ed lends a hand by bringing out the net.

Large and small mouth bass in the 3 - 4 lb 
weight range are common in the area.

Lake Champlain is also home to many other game fish 
including northern pike, muskie, and  walleye.

This is one of the half dozen bass Barry caught on this 
early fall afternoon.  Not a contender for winning 
the Lake Champlain International Fishing Derby, but 
not bad!

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Lake Champlain Rental Cottages
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